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Carregosa – Sociedade Gestora de Organismos de Investimento Coletivo S.A. (“Carregosa SGOIC”), with registered office at Avenida da Boavista, 1057 – 4100-129 Porto – Portugal, and a paid-up share capital of €600,000.00, registered at the Commercial Registry under unique registration and taxpayer number 515 963 054, is registered with the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM - Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários) under number 401 since 3rd November 2020, and is legally authorised and registered to manage real estate investment undertakings.

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Carregosa SGOIC reserves the right to suspend the client’s connection to the Management Company through its website and/or the provision of services or transactions, whenever indications of irregularities are found or when necessary for assistance, maintenance, repair, security, improvements and internal data processing purposes.

Without prejudice to the preceding paragraph, the client acknowledges that the services and/or operations made available by the Management Company through the Carregosa SGOIC website may be subject to interferences, interruptions, disconnections or other anomalies, in particular as a result of breakdowns, overloaded lines or other contingencies of which the Management Company is completely unaware. The client therefore acknowledges that the Management Company shall not be liable for any actual or potential damage or loss, including loss of profit, which may directly or indirectly result from such events.

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